Impossible Princess (doctors_girl) wrote in strike_a_p0se,
Impossible Princess

My huge Madonna picspam

I wanted to create the most complete picspam of Madonna for picspammy's "Favourite Person" challange which shows the many faces of this incredible woman and why I love her so much. Just thought I should post it here as well, you may be interested in tons of hot pics of the Queen. ;)
It's more than 100 pics and some extra, so I chose to make it a 3 parter picspam, about the 3 decades of her career plus an extra part of her live performances, because Madonna on stage is something which needs its own category.

(I put all the pics in chronologocal order.)

So, the Queen. My idol, my hero and inspiration.

the eighties
the nineties
the 2000s
on stage

(you could use these pics for icons, banners and other kinds of art, just please DO NOT hotlink them)

all images zipped
Tags: type: picspam
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