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10 April 2008 @ 01:59 am
Some of my favorites (courtesy of madonna.nu)

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my first post here, I think I did what I was supposed to, if not let me know! :D
08 April 2008 @ 03:38 pm
made by me
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08 April 2008 @ 11:58 am
Let's see some candids.
A selection of my favourite pics from the Berlin Film Festival, 2008.

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08 April 2008 @ 11:47 am
This is the community's request post.

You're allowed to request for pictures you want to see about Madonna. If you're request is general like "I want to see recent candids or video screencaps", just reply to this post and I will add your request to the list of this post.

If you have a particular respect, like you've seen a pic you love on an icon or you have it in thumbnail size, but want it in better quality, write a post in which you ask for it. And don't forget to post the version of the pic you own. It's likely someone will able to share it in better quality.

List of requests:

*video screencaps: I'd like to see video screencaps from any video Madonna ever made. You can upload them in a zipped file to dowload.

*Re-invention Tour: I used to have HQ Re-invention pics, but my computer broke and I lost them. :( If you have some, please upload them, it would make my day.

*HQ clips from the 4 Minutes video (especially where she's licking her lips.)
08 April 2008 @ 10:49 am
Same cover brandonfan posted, but in HQ plus the textless version. ;)

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08 April 2008 @ 02:06 am
I already adore this shoot, I hope we will see more of this very soon!

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08 April 2008 @ 01:42 am
I think it's appropriate the first picture post to be about the promos of the upcoming album Hard Candy, photographed by Steven Klein.

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08 April 2008 @ 01:38 am
This is the community's affliate post.

If you would like to affiliate with strike_a_p0se, please leave a comment with the name of your community and a short descreption of your community in this post.

I'd like to affliate all the Madonna related communities on LJ, but other artist's or actor's picture communities are also welcome to affliate.

Can we get together?

*mynameisdita The number one Madonna community on LJ, provides news updates, articles, media, new pictures and more.
08 April 2008 @ 01:20 am
Dear Madonna fans!

Welcome to Strike A Pose!, which is a Madonna picture posting community.
I started this because I felt LJ was seriously lacking a kickass Madonna pic community, I hope you'll enjoy it.
If you participate, this will be a perfect place to find beautiful photos of the Queen Of Pop, because we all want more if it comes to Madonna, right? ;) Well, JOIN, bring many gorgeous pics and have fun!

I only have some very simple rules, but please read them and respect them:

*The purpose of this community is to post as many beautiful photos of the Queen Pop as possible. Therefore it is a picture posting community only.
You can discuss the pictures of course (I love to talk about pics and I hope I'm not the only one), but every post must contain at least one good quality photo of Madonna.
(For discussion only there is mynameisdita.)

*Any member can post and please do it, this community is only working if you participate.

*Good quality doesn't mean high quality only, smaller, but good pics are also allowed. But no smaller than 400px wide and no crappy, pixelated or enlarged pics, these will be deleted. Nobody wants to see bad quality pics here.
Please do try to find the best quality of the image you post there is.

*If you happen to own the photo in better quality than the uploader, please share it in a comment to the post.

*Photoshoots, candids, scans and good quality screencaps are all very welcome.

*Pictures wider than 500px and not work safe pictures must be put behind a cut.
For HiRes images use thumbnails, and more than 6 thumbnails must be put behind the cut. Naturally you can use thumbnails for smaller pictures too and I suggest this.

*We all love pictures, but if we share them, we like to hear thank you. These two words can make an uploader's day. ;)

*Use tags. In this form: type: photoshoot, year: 2008, photographer: tom munro, magazine: elle
If you don't know the year, or any of these, no problem, just ASK in the post you're posting the photos. Surely someone will know and I will tag it later.

*Please try to check, that what you are about to post has not been posted before. The tags are your friends.

*Do not link to posts in other communities or your own journal. All the photos you're posting must be posted here.

*Give credit where credit is due. If you post a pic which was only posted by one specific Madonna website before, please leave a link to the site in your post.

*Don't promote communities, that are in no way related to Madonna. Madonna related communites could be promoted here, but please make sure to still inlcude a picture and no wider than 500px.

*About other questions, concerns or suggestions, ask me in this post.

Have fun! ;)